Fun For The Holidays on The Branson Showboat Belle Attraction

What better way to spend a day cruising over the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake, dinning on a satisfying three course meal and experiencing hours of entertainment on board the Silver Dollar City Attraction®, the Branson Showboat Belle?? Visitors and locals alike have raved about the Branson Showboat Belle for years on end and it’s for good reason! Being one of the few real showboats operating in America, visitors come from all around to experience the unique and spectacular show and attraction experience.

Able to fit 700 passengers, the Showboat Branson Belle has entertained and fed the masses since the mid 1990s and continues a long running legacy of offering a good and memorable time for all who come aboard.

Rain, snow or shine, the Branson Showboat Belle offers spacious indoor seating so guests can have a clear view of the stage and have tables set in front of their chairs so they can enjoy a meal at the same time. Tickets for the Branson Showboat Belle attraction include two options which are the General Seating Ticket and the Captain’s Club Ticket for $25 more.

After guests board the Branson Showboat Belle, the show starts with a quick introduction from the host and a few songs performed while the three-course meal is served with the salad first, the entrée second and the desert last. Guests are then encouraged to explore the different levels of the showboat, shop around the gift shop, take pictures of the scenic views with friends and family or all of the above! When the time to explore is over, guests return to their seats and are treated to the remainder of the action-packed, variety show put on by the talented performers, dancers and band members of the Branson Showboat Belle cast!

The cast will journey audiences through decades of music and movies and pair performances with appropriate costume attire and colorful light displays on stage.

Songs will include hit numbers like “Jump” by Van Halen, “ All Shook UP” by Elvis Presley, “ Takin’ It To The Streets” by the Doobie Brothers and songs from other hit artists such as Chris Tomlin, Journey, Eagles, Boston, Avalon and more!

During the winter months of November and December, parts of the show will be dedicated to performing Christmas songs and a reading of the Nativity story! The costumes, stage effects and song choices are just as exciting and all the more festive and appropriate for the Christmas season.

In-between show numbers, the Showboat master of humor and presentation will perform bits of magic in which an audience member may be called to the stage to assist. This audience member may be asked to do everything from playing games to help telling a funny tale. And yes, prizes are available for those who participate so get those hands up if you want a piece of the action!

Before or after the show is over, guests can explore the quaint shops at White River Landing which sell a variety of clothes, hats, fudge, coffee, jewelry, home décor and Table Rock Lake apparel! Shops at White River Landing Include: Layton Mercantile, McAdoo’s Boatworks & On-Board Boutique.

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So, whether you and your family are enjoying the fulfilling 2-hour cruise, exploring the boat, or soaking in the exciting variety show, Branson Showboat Belle is one for the bucket list. Not convinced yet? See what others are saying about Showboat Branson Belle on Google Reviews:



*Important Information For Your Visit – The Branson Showboat Belle will be implementing a number of new safety measures based on the guidance of health officials including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Masks will be required for all individuals ages 3 and older. You can learn more on their site here:

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