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If you’re looking for the best Branson Escape Code coupons, you’re in the right place! Escape Rooms are exploding all across America and around much of the world, and we can’t really be surprised. Being immersed as a key character in an exciting story while searching and investigating a themed environment is sure to excite anyone’s sense of adventure!       

Escape Code is Branson’s first escape room and based their guest’s reviews, they are a town favorite!  

Some people want to know if it’s suitable for children or if it’s scary… The answer is yes it is suitable for children of all ages, granted there may be a room or two that would be easier for adults but there are several different escape rooms so you can choose the one that fits your group best. And, is it scary? No. You can be assured that there are no jump scares and claustrophobia has never been an issue. The doors are not actually locked and, if necessary, you can open the door and leave at any time.  Now, we do have some thematic music playing and lighting may be dim in some of our rooms to help set the atmosphere. Again you choose your adventure so you should only have a great time and a memorable experience at Branson Escape Code. 


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One you check in and watch a short video that will prepare you for your experience, you will enter your game room with your team. Once inside, the countdown begins!  You will have one hour to search the room for clues, keys and codes, analyze everything and work as a team toward solving the mystery! You will have three hints available for your team to use at any time, and a personal game guide watching and listening throughout the experience. They will help point you in the right direction when asked via a video screen in the room.

Whether you are left or right brained, actively searching or carefully reviewing what others have discovered or honestly unsure of just what you might bring to the experience, you and everybody on your team will enjoy using their personal set of gifts and talents to help your team escape the room in time!

Website :

Hours : Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm Friday & Saturday 9am-10pm Sunday 1:30-9pm

Directions :

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