The Branson Saver App helps you create and distribute a variety of mobile offers directly to the consumer with no extensive training. So, no, you don’t have to be a web developer or coding expert to reach your desired audience. Say you want to give your customers mobile coupons, restaurant vouchers or sell tickets right to the consumer’s phone. Say you also want to do all that with ZERO commissions. With the Branson Saver App, consider it done.When the consumer clicks on your Facebook ad to open the mobile coupon/discount/whatever you are offering, you are given information on how to target future customers based on their age, gender, language, and location. When you know who to target, more people will engage in your posts.

This video shows you  how to build a coupon with the Branson Saver Platform! Our intuitive coupon builder has a simple layout and easy-to-use interface where you can create new coupons– fully branded with your own logos, colors, images, and text– in just minutes. Vouchers (great for restaurants), coupons, digital loyalty stamps can all be created and posted immediately to multi-marketing channels.

Ever notice how Smartphones are always on our person, in our pockets, or at least within arm’s reach?That’s because Smartphones can be important tools that help keep us connected, informed, and engaged.SMARTphones also provide SMART shoppers with easy access to opportune discounts and deals to the businesses that provide them. Speaking of opportunity, you as a marketer can bring in more customers for cheaper prices by using mobile marketing software than you would using traditional marketing channels.Watch this short video to learn how you can produce better results for you and your company with a few easy steps.

If you want to spice things up a bit, the Branson Saver App platform has the option to create fun games for consumers to take part in with special discount coupons as the reward. You can choose ‘Prize’ or ‘Game’ settings in the app and choose from hundreds of templates that will catch the eyes of any browsing customer. Games are proven to increase customer engagement, improve response rates and encourage more interaction on your mobile site. More engagement+More Business+More Customers=More Money. That’s the basic math of an effective platform.

With the advanced coupon features, you can change coupon styles, color and font to match your company branding. Features also offer comprehensive coupon and campaign statistics that give live reports about all distributed offers. You can also and change offers in real-time.